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MediaWiki loves Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a great search engine

The qualities of Elasticsearch are known. It is one of the most popular search engines of the moment and MediaWiki works very well with Elasticsearch.

Basic MediaWiki and Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is also used on Wikipedia. These basic facilities are also available on the systems that we build for our customers. Elasticsearch can index PDF documents. As a result, these documents are also found if you search for words in the document.

Semantic MediaWiki and Elasticsearch

Semantic MediaWiki is an important extension to MediaWiki. This allows data on a wiki page to be stored in a database. This data is therefore searchable in other places. Semantic MediaWiki offers fantastic flexibility when structuring data.
Nowadays Semantic MediaWiki can also store the data in Elasticsearch. This combines the flexibility of Semantic MediaWiki with the optimal search options and search speed of Elasticsearch.

Custom use of Elasticsearch

An extension developed by Wikibase Solutions makes it possible to store or search for information in Elasticsearch at any time. This extension can be used to store events. We notice that this is increasingly being asked. Then it can be about monitoring events for information security. With this, legal requirements can be met. Sometimes users want to be kept informed of changes to the system. With Elasticsearch meaningful changes are stored in a structured way and users get to see the information they want.