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The Enterprise wiki as a business boost technology platform

How an Enterprise wiki boosts the performance of your organization

What is an enterprise wiki?

An Enterprise wiki is a collaborative platform where information is easily found, shared and used in a corporate context. A wiki for business so to say. It is built on a collaborative model which encourages open participation by all employees in an organization. The Enterprise wiki is built on the open source MediaWiki platform to build a wiki for business.

How does an enterprise wiki enhance your company´s performance?


Today’s business success is less based on building products and services and more on building a brand and a platform. The proven keys to success are:

  • An Enterprise wiki is designed to be a simple, cloud-based, internal knowledge base.
  • The wiki is the interdepartmental collaborative documentation engine that centralizes the expertise of your organization
  • Some of the powerful features are: automatic versioning functions, full text search, page templates, permissions management and inter-relationships
  • Enterprise wikis are easy to use in a corporate context focusing on reading and contributing content, boosting effectiveness. It is the intellectual capital of your company
  • The wiki fosters broad and open participation supporting a transparent community
  • The Enterprise wiki is open source software that guarantees flexibility and avoids a vendor lock in

Wikibase Solutions is the reliable business solutions provider that builds, hosts and supports your enterprise wiki.

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