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Working from home virus-free

Working from home takes more than just fast Wi-Fi.

Work from home requires the appropriate tools

Traditionally, at our physical office, we have acces to a work environment and work systems, one of which is intranet; a private network within the organisation that support cooperation. Deviating situations at work ask for information supply and an information platform focused on working from home, and any related needs. Working from home is more than simply quick internet and working from the kitchen or the attic. It also means that processes and communication works differently than at the office. From home, it's a whole different story...

You end up with questions like:

  • Are all applications online, in the cloud?
  • Is relevant data and info accessible to me and my colleagues?
  • How do I communicate and adjust?
  • What do online meeting mean to my functioning?
  • How do the processes change through working from home?
  • What is the effect on team chemistry?
  • How are my colleagues dealing with this?
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What you require is a smart digital tool: a flexible information platform that complies with the home situation. How does this tool look?

  • Face library

Your colleagues (and their data) are easily found

  • Idea box

Structurally payin attention to the valuable ideas of the organisation

  • Job- or taskbank

A simple yet powerful system to sort and divide jobs and tasks.

  • Exchange

The social aspect gets a different context when working from home. Brainstorming and discussion- or chatforms support social contact.

  • File system

A file management system shares documents, information and data with colleagues, as well as the appropriate access rights.

  • Organisation plan

The organisation structure should be visualized neatly, using divisions, departments and teams.

  • Source of information

An information management system which tackles processes, procedures, function profiles (tasks, rights and responsibilities), quality control, complaints, risk management, compliance and corporate governance.

Wikibase has all of these modular tools covered! The modules have proven themselves in both profit and non-profit organisations: quickly accessible, deployable, flexible, linkable, dependable and safe in the cloud.

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