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Zogewoon is an initiative within the Personal Care Program of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the municipality of Rotterdam. The goal is to give more control over their lives to clients in the care of the disabled. When it comes to living, for instance. The Zogewoon website matches the demand within the Wlz with the demand clarification module. This is how we make a difference for clients.




'Take initiative and start a project to make changes in your neighbourhood.' SimpleGov is an online platform that promotes modern dialogue between citizens and government through projects. Civic initiatives have never been so effective. The website has been launched in the US and runs on AWS. The functionality demonstrates the possibilities that the MediaWiki platform offers: virtually unlimited.

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Fits perfectly

Custom software fits perfectly with what you need. We build your ambition. Our systems inspire people in collaboration that leads to constant improvements.

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Fast in operation

Thanks to the flexible structure of the platform and our software, a basic version is ready quickly. For a fixed price the wiki can be put into use after a few weeks.

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Grows along

Do you need more functionality in the future? This is not a problem with the extensions and building blocks. The MediaWiki platform as a conscious choice makes future-proof and scalable technology possible.


Working with Wikibase is a fantastic experience. They are attentive to my wishes as a customer, deliver their work on time and with the highest quality. I would strongly recommend Wikibase to anyone who wants to use Mediawiki as the basis of their next web application.

By creating different entities and creating smart connections, we have been able to build a semantic management system with the help of Wikibase. The possibilities with a semantic Wiki have been virtually limitless with the help of the expertise of Wikibase.